Custom Landscape Plans - Scale drawings of your new garden beds and hardscape areas.  These plans are useful not only for current projects, but for long-term planning on your property.   

Computer-generated 3D Renderings - Based on scale drawings, these are computer-generated pictures of your landscape plans from an eye-level view.

Site Evaluations - Evaluations of problem areas, drainage issues, and tired garden areas.

Plant Evaluations - Pruning and care evaluations and recommendations.

Plant Recommendations - Specific plant species and variety recommendations based on site conditions.
Installation - Small-scale plant installation.

Assisted Installation - If you are a DIY type, I am happy to assist in your small-scale installation. 

BMP (RainScaping) Design and Troubleshooting - Design of new BMPs and troubleshooting for existing BMPs that are not functioning.  

 Services are provided on an hourly basis